Step 8- Grout the panel

SGW08For this process you will need to use an epoxy grout. I prefer a product called SpectraLOCK® Stain Proof Grout. It is a three-part grout that is mixed right before using. You’ll want to use rubber gloves during this process, epoxy grout sticks to everything it touches and is not removed easily.

First, smear the grout around on the panel making sure you get it in every crack between the glass pieces. This will not only strengthen the entire piece but because it is an epoxy grout, it will seal the piece. It’s important to use only one package of grout at a time, this process is time-sensitive and you don’t want your grout to dry before you’re ready to start the next section of your panel.

After you worked the grout in, use a damp (not wet) sponge and start cleaning the surface off. Clean it as much as you can, let it sit a couple of minutes, then buff it off.  Repeat the process untill the panel is completely grouted.

Finally, perform a final buffing of the panel and prepare it for framing.



Step 7- Lay your glass shapes onto the panel

Start by laying out the glass onto your panel, here I’m laying out the vines for the grapes to lay on.

SGW07a   SGW07b

Continue to lay the pieces of glass on the surface before you glue them on. As you continue, you will see exactly where you should add more or take something away.

SGW07c   SGW07d

Here I have taken the glass cutter and cut apart the leaves so that the veins will be made distinct when they are grouted