Leather Fashion 10

This is the last piece in this series.leather-necklace-10

Black patent leather, Austrian crystal and sterling silver create this victory necklace.

This piece is appropriate for an afternoon in the bistro.

I hope you have enjoyed my creations. All of these pieces now belong to my clients but if there is something special you would like, please feel free to contact me through the comments section of this blog.

God Bless and happy creating!

Leather Fashion 9

We are winding down with this series. Here is the 9th piece for your viewing pleasure.


Again I have used the combination of crinkled black patent leather with raw leather. This time I used sterling silver wire to embellish the patent circles. Then I added the Crystal studs to finish off the piece.

I call this piece hugs and kisses.

Stay tuned more to come!

Leather Fashion 7

I have to say that I really like leather dripping with bling!


The hand crafted chain mimics the hand tooled leaves on the leather. The leather is not treated with dyes just a finish coat of sealant. The beading is glass and sterling silver and the studs are stainless. Casual enough to wear everyday and fancy enough to wear out in the evening.

Stay tuned!

Leather Fashion 5

I love the way this piece turned out. I have to say that there was no drawn design for this one. I just had some fun and did whatever came to mind.


I’m a fan of sterling silver and turquoise mixed with leather. This is the piece that I kept for myself. It looks fantastic on black and white, my two favorite colors after Christmas red. This piece is dripping with sterling silver and Austrian crystal. The contrast between the rugged leather and the refined silver is stunning.

Try your own project. It’s a lot of fun!

Leather Fashion 4

This piece was so much fun to create.


You can see that I have used the same scraps from the tool belt man but I added some flair with a hand tooled piece and the hand crafted chain using those scraps.

This piece was commissioned and my client is a big fan of all shades of green. For the embellishment, I used jade nuggets and brass leaves. The leather is completely naturally colored. No dyes were used on this piece however I did used a sealant to protect the leather from any water or liquid damage. The sealant brought out the natural beauty of the leather.

Stay tuned, more to come!

Leather Fashion 3

Here is the third piece in this series of hand crafted leather fashion.


This piece is made totally of scrap from a man who manufactures tool belts. I pick up his scraps occasionally and start playing with design. He happened to have three different colors of leather scrap so I had a lot of fun with this one. He also uses copper rivets when he makes his tool belts so I bought a few of those from him as well.

This is the end result. I tooled minimally on this piece and played more with the circle design. once I figured out what I wanted, I used the copper rivets to connect the dots. Pardon the pun. I created my own O rings out of a heavy gauge copper wire that I scavenged from some electrical wire.

The final bead work in the chain was done last. I wanted an a-symmetric look to set off a plain T-shirt or blouse.

Stay tuned for more to come.

Leather Fashion 2

Here is the second in a series of leather fashion jewelry.


This piece is one of my favorites. It is a wild side collar with African beads embellishing the rounded bottom.

First I design the shape then tool the leather. Then the leather is dyed in the raised sections with a very dark brown dye. I mix my dyes to get the color I want.

After the coloring is done I polish the piece with paste wax and seal it to prevent any water damage.

Then I make the neck piece and create the dangling pieces.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Stay tuned for the next in the series.



Leather Fashion 1

I love unique fashion accessories. I also love the look of leather,  apparel or furniture.

I will be sharing a series of leather jewelry pieces that I have crafted in the last couple of months.


I save all of my tooling leather scraps to play with at a later date. This piece has a hand crafted chain and is embellished with Austrian crystal studs and stainless studs. Then I hand painted the design on the leather and sealed it against any water damage.

You can find leather scrap in any leather shop. The price is usually pretty reasonable.

Have fun!

Stay tuned for the next piece.