Step 4d- Finish cutting

Finish cutting is totally a personal thing. I do it for two reasons. Firstly, I like the detail that I can get with the final cut. Secondly, when I start the coloring process, the shading and the cut lines will absorb the color differently thus making the project more interesting.

4d-finish-cuts-2   4d-finish-cuts-1

Step 3- Wet the leather, add your pattern

Wet the leather before you lay the vellum on it to trace the design onto the leather. By wetting it the leather becomes pliable or soft which will accept the tracing marks. [1]  After you have traced the marks onto the leather go over the marks with a stylus to make the imprint deeper. [2,3]  Note: Before you start the cutting process make sure that the design is exactly the way you want it because once the leather is cut there is no going back.  Continue reading

Step 2- clean the table, cut leather to size

Table cleaned up and painted, leather cut

Table cleaned up and painted, leather cut

The table is now cleaned up and painted bronze. I have cut a piece of untreated tooling leather which will now be designed to fit the room in which it will reside.

Since the room it’s going into has an eclectic and rather masculine feel, I’m going to design some scroll work to enhance the rugs in the room.  The leather piece has been designed using a piece of vellum. This is the commercial vellum not the animal skin.  Continue reading

Making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear

Table as found in the thrift store

I really like unique furniture! Thrift shops and second hand store are often a treasure box filled with pieces that I find interesting. This piece was found in a second hand store. I picked it up for $25.00, Found out who the maker was and was shocked at the deal I made with the store owner. Granted this piece is in rough shape but that just makes this project that much better.   Continue reading