Weddings are always wonderful, time consuming, expensive and hectic. We do so much preparation for a wedding. The food, the favors, the invitations and the clean up.

I will share with you one of the most wonderful favors that I have come across. When I first saw these flutes I thought what a great idea and then I saw the price. I could create the same thing for half the price of the flutes that I saw in that store. So I did. When my daughter got married we talked about the things that she had hoped to have at the wedding. Truth is I think I wanted the wedding more than she did. She allowed me to organize everything from the food to the favors.

I’ll talk about creating your own wonderful event later. Today I want to tell you about this great champagne flute.

She wanted a blue and White wedding and that’s exactly what she got. There were three hundred people at the wedding and the reception hall looked like a flower garden with all of the flutes sitting at the place settings. I also painted clear glass plates in the reverse method for the dinner.

The idea was that the guests would take the champagne flute home with them for their wedding favor. I have to admit about fifty of the plates disappeared as well. Oh well.

Anyway, I produced these flutes for 6.00 each unit. I’m letting you know because I am ready to sell these flutes for the same amount plus the shipping and handling.

So, if you want something totally unique for your wedding, just give me a shout, I’d be happy to help!

wedding flute

God Bless You!