Finishing it up…


I use a microfiber cloth to polish the piece after I finish the grouting process. It just looks better and gives you a professional finish.

If you know (or are) a good woodworker, have a box built for your new house numbers, or if you think ahead and want the light to show through but you have no power source, go to your nearest glass supplier and order your glass with a couple of holes drilled through at the top, Then you can hang your numbers as you will see in a future posting.


And here we have your completed mosaic as shown in the first post, ready to finish by hanging.

After the glue has dried, apply your grout…

Now that the glue is completely dry, the grout is applied, I prefer to use epoxy grout. It is impervious to water and dirt and repels mold longer.

bgm-5a  bgm-5b

Mix the grout as per the instructions, smear the grout over your project making sure that it is imbedded in all of the cracks. Let it sit for a few minutes then carefully sponge off the excess. Continue reading

Cutting the border glass…

The next step in this project is to cut the border glass.

Score the glass with your glass cutter, (don’t forget to fill the cutter with cutting oil).

bgm-3a   bgm-3b   bgm-3c   bgm-3d

For the best score possible, hold the  glass cutter at a perpendicular angle to the glass being cut.  Once the glass is scored, using the glass nippers, hold the glass on one side of the score and break it off on the other side of the score. If you have scored it deeply enough it should break with no problem.

Let’s get started!

Because this is a mosaic the pieces do not have to be cut perfectly as with the tiffany and leaded styles.


I like working on fabric because it catches all of the glass shards. For the purpose of teaching, I have put tape around the glass so you can see the edge of it.

Place the numbers where you want them then glue them down.  Wait for a few minutes until the numbers don’t move when touched before continuing the project.