Death, a part of life.

We recently lost someone from one of our parishes and the spouse of that individual asked a friend of mine and I to make them a coffin for his burial. This is the coffin we made. Why do caskets cost so much? Why do coffins cost so much.

The reason they cost an enormous amount of money is that the industry is so regulated and the funeral homes are in charge of the pricing. They would be fools not to charge a lot.

IMG_20160510_174821I don’t see things that way. Burying a loved one is hard enough without spending inordinate amounts of money for the privilege of being put in the ground.  In the Orthodox church the deceased are buried not cremated.

I have decided to build a product that is both beautiful and affordable. If you should find yourself in need of one of these beautiful coffins, give me a holler.

Memory eternal to the loved ones that have passed before us!

California here I come!


I love California and I really like fun shoes! To commemorate my fondness for both I have created a pair of shoes that I wear quite often. I get quite a few looks and comments every time I wear them.

I don’t have pics of the steps but can tell you how I do it.

Firstly, conjure an image of what you would enjoy wearing.

Secondly,lightly sketch with graphite the design on a pair of white canvass sneakers.

Thirdly, have fun with all of the Sharpie colors out there.

Lastly, let the shoes dry overnight then spray them with NeverWet® made by RUST-OLEUM.

Now enjoy your new creation!


The Making of a very special Feast Day, Pascha!

Welcome to Pascha! The feast of feasts!

This is the day of resurrection. Let us be illumined, O people. Pascha, the Pascha of the Lord. For from death to life and from earth to heaven has Christ our God led us, as we sing the song of victory. Christ is risen from the dead!

Pascha is a very special day in the life of an Orthodox Christian. The fast leading up to the Resurrection is grueling and wonderful at the same time. We fast from all animal products during this time and concentrate on our spiritual growth through the services and the fast.

PaschaeggsBut now the fast is over and the Holy day begins. As I am getting ready for the feast I think about the traditions I have established with my family. The making of special food, dressing especially nice and praying that everything turns out well.

One of the traditions that I keep every year is the dying of the red eggs. Red symbolizing the blood of Christ that was shed for the world, the egg as a symbol of new life and the white inside the egg as the purity of the Resurrection.

The other tradition, the food, this year is stuffed Grape leaves and bacon wrapped dates. I will leave these for the next few posts.

Welcome to Andrea’s Kitchen Studio!


Outdoor Kitchen with Glass Mosaic Wall

As someone who loves beautiful things, I often find myself inspecting art work and fine crafting.  Whether it be fine art, intricate leatherwork or glasswork, or just a recipe, I can often find either a better way to execute said item or if I’ve never experienced the work, I try it.  Not having had expendable cash on hand, I’ve learned to create through trial and error.  In my career I’ve never said no to a project if I had the slightest inkling as to accomplish the task.  Needless to say I’ve done a lot of research, taken numerous classes and experimented with many different techniques, and look forward to sharing what I know with you as reader.  The arts and crafts that I have now become proficient in are ancient ones and I feel the need to continue these traditions with a modern flair.  Cooking is also one of my passions and I love to share my recipes that my friends and church have loved.  Please join me as I continue in my journey for beauty and health.