A Quick Retaining Wall

One of my dear friends who is getting on in years asked for my help creating a small retaining wall by her deck.

The wall blocks are such a wonderful product to use. So easy to put in place. The only thing you have to make sure of is that the ground you are putting them on is flat.

So as you see I have dug out the dirt to create a space for the wall and leveled the bottom so it was perfectly flat. This was so easy to do in her yard because the dirt was soft. This is not always the case.

Then just stack those bricks up and make sure your line follows the direction you want it to go.

You will note that she wanted the wall perfectly straight so I put a line up with stakes to make sure it ended up straight.

Now her mowing will be easier and she can put her pots of tomatoes on the wall in the full southern sun.

Thanks for the job my friend!

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