Leather Fashion 3

Here is the third piece in this series of hand crafted leather fashion.


This piece is made totally of scrap from a man who manufactures tool belts. I pick up his scraps occasionally and start playing with design. He happened to have three different colors of leather scrap so I had a lot of fun with this one. He also uses copper rivets when he makes his tool belts so I bought a few of those from him as well.

This is the end result. I tooled minimally on this piece and played more with the circle design. once I figured out what I wanted, I used the copper rivets to connect the dots. Pardon the pun. I created my own O rings out of a heavy gauge copper wire that I scavenged from some electrical wire.

The final bead work in the chain was done last. I wanted an a-symmetric look to set off a plain T-shirt or blouse.

Stay tuned for more to come.

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