Converting a Closet to a Bathroom part 1

Converting a closet to a bathroom is no easy task but it is possible. One of my clients did just that then called me in to finish the room.

In the following photos you will see the process from the time I took over. The construction crew did the heavy lifting getting the toilet and shower plumbing in and the sheet rock and hardi-backer installed. This is where I came in.


As you can see we have bare bone walls. The first day was spent installing the bottom row of tiles in the shower. Each of these tiles weighs approximately 9 to 12 pounds. Because they are so heavy, the bottom must be made straight and level before anything is placed above them or the whole things will sag into a mess and it will have to be re-installed. I let the bottom layer of tiles dry completely before I start installing the rest of the tiles. While this was drying I textured the walls in a old world plaster style.


I didn’t bother to take the texture to the floor because there will be tile covering the lower part of the wall.


Now that the bottom layer is set I can place the tiles on the next layer without having to worry about the tiles below moving down the wall.

Before I got started with the shower I painted the border tile and fired it in preparation of setting it.


You can see that the border tiles have been set with a dark gray trim to make the border pop a little more.

Next comes the floor and the finish tile pieces.

Stay tuned.


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