Grapevine Wreath Chandelier

I just have to say that I love creating fun things!

This year the grape arbor was in dire need of being pared down. Grapes get very heavy and can completely collapse the arbor if they are not tended to every other year. I juiced about 3/4 of the grapes on the vines. 22 gallons of juice came from the grapes that I picked, the rest of the grapes were gleaned by the raccoons and the birds. My husband is making wine from the juice with the exception of what I held back. The rest of the juice will be used for jelly, mulled juice and gifts.

I still had to figure out what to do with the vines. I have several grape vine wreathes from previous years and wanted to do something different with the vines that I would be cutting down. they were beautiful long vines and too good to burn.

Here is the result of my frugality this year.

img_20161104_173426 img_20161104_173329

I used some IKEA™ lanterns, and black chain to illuminate and hang  it.


It’s very fairy like and fun.  I will be decorating it for Christmas and will share the pics with you.

Have fun creating!

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