A new Kitchen Backsplash

I have a client who has a lovely craftsman home in Washington and she along with her husband have restored it to the charming home it is today, This craftsman has all the bells and whistles. Stained glass, built in buffet and an incredible fire place which is being converted to a gas insert.

This blog will be focusing on the new back splash. I created the design taking the pattern from the wall paper that was installed in this restored kitchen.

After taking down the old wall paper and repairing the wall, it was prepared to install the new tile.

20160909_093154  I painted the subway tiles with china paint that was then fired in a kiln.

Then the installation continued one tile by one tile. There were a couple of tricky spots that needed to be addressed. One spot at the beginning of the counter.


I needed to figure out a beginning if you will that would make sense to the over all look of the kitchen. After discussing the issue with my clients, this is the final decision. the next little design problem came over the stove area.


I created this vine pattern on 8 tiles.  The tiles had to be centered but my client didn’t want any small tiles around the “mural tiles”.  This was a little difficult as the brick lay tiles needed to continue without interruption.  I fudged the tiles of the left of the stove by cutting down 4×4 tiles to a little wider than the 2×4 tiles. This worked in the design scheme and I was able to continue the brick lay on the other side of the ” mural tiles”. My client decided to add the tiles in the back of the stove and refrigerator for the ease of cleaning.


Each of the individual hand painted tiles is different. This is truly a custom piece of art work for this restored Craftsman kitchen.

Hope you enjoyed this blog.

God Bless


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