Bathroom Makeover part 2

This is a large master bathroom and the whole family including the dogs use it to clean up and get ready for the day.


Where the tub was I have created a space for a dressing table using the same mosaic design around the walls as is on the “floor rug”.


The floor is heated so there is no real need to place a rug down. The walk in shower is wheel chair ready if for any reason the owners may need that feature. The entry to the shower is wide enough to fit a wheel chair through and there is no lip to provide an inconvenience for the movement of a chair.


The toilet sits next to the shower in an out of the way space. the mosaic design is carried throughout the entire bathroom creating a very pleasant space to get ready for the day.


No door is needed on the shower as the faucet and rain head face the back of the shower.


I hope you have enjoyed this post.

If you need any help just contact me. I’ll be happy to help you design you new bathroom.

God Bless

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