Bathroom Makeover

I don’t know about you but I believe the bathroom is the second most important room in the house. The kitchen is the first for me because I spend so much time in it. The bathroom is the place where we get ready to present ourselves to the world. The color and lighting must be right if you are using makeup, the design of the room must fit the needs of the individual using the room and the resale should always be in the back of the mind while designing the room.

This bathroom remodel was pretty drastic. The room had a huge soaker tub that was never used, and the shower was a small corner of the bathroom which is ridiculous because there wasn’t enough room to move about in it. This family also has dogs that need cleaning often. So here is what My partner and I designed for this family.

Here are the before pics during the tear out of the room.


The shower was in the corner and the rebuild incorporated the entire end of the bathroom, The bathtub was taken out and left as an open area.


This end of the bathroom was transformed from a small corner shower to a spacious walk in shower with all of the plumbing to wash the dogs too. The toilet was moved from the back corner of the bathroom to the wall next to the shower to make more space. I worked with the homeowner to create the perfect design for their needs and the needs of the future owner. We designed this bathroom with a walk in shower as the older we get the more we need these amenities. This bathroom will accomodate a wheelchair as well.

20150730_151434This is where the bath tub once stood

You can see how much more spacious the area is now for dressing and finishing your look for the day.

There is now room for a vanity where makeup can be applied using natural light.

Designing the mosaic tile was the most fun and rewarding part of this project. Keeping the thought of resale in mind I created a design that was both beautiful but non-descript. It will please anyone that will tour this home in the future and will also create the wow factor that will make it memorable.

Stay tuned for the finishing of this bathroom.

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