Hand Tooled Leather Coffee Table Part 4

When I color this project I want to make sure that I have a rich mottled coloring. I’m going to start by applying two different colors of dye. One will be a yellow toned tan, the other will have red tones. Apply the dye with a wool applicator in circular motions. Once that is done and dry apply brown shoe polish and buff it out.


This is what it should look like once the leather is buffed out.


Let the leather sit for a full day before you apply the last colorant which in this case is a gold glaze. This was by request of the client that I made this table for. This glaze is also applied with a wool applicator so that you are sure to get the glaze into all of the crevices.


Buff out the leather one more time and place it on the table. In this case the  the leather will be held to the table by a heavy piece of glass.


I hope you have enjoyed this project and will try one yourself.

God Bless.

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