Hand Tooled Leather Coffee Table Part 3

Tooling this harder leather is actually easier than tooling the softer belly leather because it stays where you put it. It also means that mistakes are easier to make because there is no going back once you have sunk the tool into the leather.

I’m going to use a beveler, a pear shader, and 3 spot tools.


I’ll start the process with the bevel tool and bevel both sides of the cut lies.


After all of the beveling is done I’m going to use the pear shader to give the scrolls some depth then I will utilize the swivel knife again to cut in some detail into the scroll design, and cross hatch onto the crevices.


Lastly I’ll add the dots with the three sizes of spot tools. Then the tooling will be done.


Stay tuned for the coloring process.

Happy tooling!


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