Sangria Set Part 2

The grapes have all been painted and are now dry. It’s time to start the leaves. You don’t have to use the colors I choose for your project, have fun and develop new trends.

Okay, the leaves are painted on with the wider of the two flat brushes whereas the grapes were painted on with the narrower of the two flat brushes. Use the same loading technique as with the grapes.

sangria4The leaves are basically a jiggling of the brush around a pivot point much like the grape but ending in a point rather that meeting at the beginning of the stroke.

Add the leaves where you deem fit on all of the pieces.

While you’ve got the green paint out , go on to the next step.

Using the liner brush, add the tendrils of the grape vine for a nice detail in the painting.

Let the glass dry overnight on a cooking sheet.

See ya next time with the finishing of the set.

God Bless!


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