Grapevine Wreaths Part 2

So let’s start the actual wreath now.

Step 4:

Strip all of the vines of their leaves.   Retaining some of the tendrils on the vines will add character and charm to the finished product.

Step 5:

Take one of the longer vines and wrap it around itself to desired size that you want.  30″; 24″ or 18″ is fairly standard but create whatever size pleases you!

Step 6:

Create the basic first circle of vine to the desired size.  Wrap the first long vine around the original circle.  Take a medium vine and tuck approximately 4″ before the last vine ends.  Continue as before wrapping around in the same direction.  Repeat with small vine and then start over until desired fullness is acquired.

Step 7:

Trim the ends off of the wreath that stick out more than 2.5″.  Be careful not to cut too short or your wreath will unravel.  Let the wreath completely dry out in a controlled climate space. (Low moisure environment to prevent mold and mildew is preferable)  You will know your wreath is ready for use when it is no longer fully flexible (Approximately 4-8 weeks)

Now you are ready to decorate the wreath with anything you choose that will enhance your home.  These wreathes make great housewarming and holiday gifts.

Have Fun and Happy Creating!

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