Grape Vine Wreaths

Grape vines have been used for decades to make seasonal decorative and festive enhancements to the home. I have an arbor full of grapes this year that constantly need pruning. Instead of throwing the vines away I use them to make wreathes and then give them away as gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

This is the process that I use to make the wreathes.

Step !:

Because I have to thin the grapes to get a tasty harvest for my jam, I carefully choose the vines that I want to get rid of.  In order to get tasty grapes, you can’t have too much fruit on any one vine. I cut the grapes off that are in abundance and feed them to my free-range chickens. They love them and it supplements the organic food that I buy for them.

Step 2:

Prune all of the unwanted vines so the remaining grapes will have more flavor as they ripen. Keep the long vines and give the shorter vines to sheep or other livestock after stripping the leaves.

There is really no waste with a grape plant. Fruit is fabulous for juice.  The rest can be shared with friends who make wine. Leaves may be used for cooking, salads and pesto.

Step 3:

Separate the vines into groups of long (8-10′), medium (6-8′) and short (4-6′) lengths.

We’ll finish this up in the next post!

Blessings from the vineyard,



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