Hand Tooled Leather Lazy Susan

Step 7

The leather is stained but I’d like to see just a little more color on it. The first thing I’m going to do is to polish the leather with shoe polish.

Question: Why seal the leather somewhat before you add color?

Answer: I don’t want the color to soak into the leather because I don’t want the color to be too bold.

So, Polish the leather with the shoe polish first.


Now buff out the leather as if you were polishing a pair of shoes. Make it shine.

The polishing is done and I am going to repeat the coloring step only this time I’m going to use a dry brush technique.

This is the finished look I was hoping to achieve.



As you probably know, art and crafting is mostly instinct and some knowledge. Knock yourself out and have some fun.

Stay tuned to this blog to see the final steps for this project.

God Bless!

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