Hand Tooled Leather Lazy Susan

Step 5

Now that all of the tooling is completed I’m going to start the coloring process. I’m doing things a little differently this time in that I’m going to use the glaze that I paint glass with.


I have images of the glass glaze that I have used on this project. I have chosen 4 colors to work with that will represent well the finished product that I’m looking for. As you see I have laid my colors out and have given myself a swipe to see the real color of the paint. I will be mixing this paint with a copper to bring some life into the finished product.


To start the coloring process I’m going to scrub the color into the raw leather. During this process I’m adding the other colors that I have chosen to create a more realistic color scheme.

The third picture here shows you what it looks like after I have all the color in place.

Good luck!

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