Copper Tape Stained Glass Tecnique

When you have all of the pieces cut and ground, wash them with soapy water and dry them. Let them sit to dry completely for a few minutes so there is no moisture remaining on the glass. I recommend that you wash each piece individually and place them back on the drawing so you don’t misplace or lose track of piece positioning.

Apply the copper tape by pealing back the paper, placing the edge of the piece of glass directly in the center of the sticky side of the tape and circle the entire piece of glass. Then you will take a burnishing tool to lay the copper tape flat onto the piece of glass.

IMG_20131028_140922 (1)Burnishing the copper

Applying the copper tape.            Burnishing the tape.

Assemble the glass on the drawing as you finish burnishing each piece.

Burnishing the copper tape 2

Finish this step and stay tuned for the next one!

God Bless!


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