Copper Tape Stained Glass Technique

Not all stained glass is assembled with channel kame. This project is done with copper tape.


I would consider this project to be in the skilled range. Work through the beginner and advanced beginner steps before you consider this project.

Here is what you will need for this project:


Colored glass, glass cutter, cutting oil, grinder, vellum, sharpie, copper tape, plastic burnisher,  flux, silver/lead solder, soldering iron, and patina.

The first thing you will want to accomplish is the design of the glass piece. Think this through very carefully because your cuts need to be as perfect as possible. A glass grinder or a wet saw with a glass blade will be very helpful for you.


Draw out your design and notice that there is a line anywhere there is a concave cut or where it makes sense to have one. You may find it helpful to start out with a store bought stained glass pattern. I designed this one for me client specifically.

Once the original design is done, repeat the design on TWO pieces of vellum. The first piece you will be cutting and the second piece will be used for the assembly process. You must make sure that they are both drawn exactly the way you want the piece to look.

Stay tuned for more!

God Bless.

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