Color Is Important

Choosing a color is a very personal thing to do and when there is more than one person to be considered it complicates the matter.

If you are choosing a color for yourself, the chances are pretty high that you will choose a color that looks wonderful on you for the walls of your home.

Color theory isn’t a joke. Is has been proven that color can change the mood and even the psyche of an individual.  Red for some people is very agitating while a muted shade of green is soothing and vise versa for other people.


Before                                    After

When you are going to sell a home, it is best to stick with what I call a warm non color. I have been refurbishing homes to get them ready to sell for many years now and I find that warm whites and warm tone tans and taupe are the best colors for the walls.  The surrounding environment should also be taken into consideration. In the North West we get a lot of gray days. Most buyers do not want it gray inside and outside, thus I have changed the color in this home from cool grays and greens to a warm toasted almond color.


Before                                 After

One last note, the floor color must be considered when choosing a wall color. Generally cool colors and warm colors do not combine well. There are exceptions but very few. When you choose a wall color, put a paint sample against the floor, If it doesn’t share some of the same tones chances are that your buyer will feel uncomfortable in that room. Always think of the prospective buyer when you are fixing up to sell. Your taste doesn’t matter to the rest of the world.

If you need some help with color theory just email me and I’ll schedule a consultation.

Good Luck!

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