Corn Hole Game 2

Shortly after I painted the Corn Hole game for my friends at A+ Construction I got a call from their grandson asking if I would be interested in painting another one for a local brewery. Of course I said yes! I thought maybe they wanted some hops or perhaps a couple of mugs of beer panted on the game boards. Wrong!

The owner of the brewery said she wanted their logo and something representing that logo. I instantly acquired an education. The name of the brewery is Steel Bonnet located in Scotts Valley, California. I had no idea what that was until I did some research. These were warriors and there was nothing wimpy about these men.

Steel Bonnet Corn husk game 1IMG_1717

This is the design that I decided to present them with which as you see here they accepted and loved. That game is played every day at that brew house.

It is a fun game.

If you would like a Corn Hole game custom painted for your next event, Give me a holler!

God Bless


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