St. Mary of Egypt

St. Mary of Egypt is my favorite female saint that is celebrated in the Orthodox Christian Church. She is one who truly turned her life from despicable to saintly. Her story is one that gives hope to the most immoral of lifestyles and renders true repentance for the sinner. This world that we live in has so many temptations.

Because I love her story so much I decided that I needed her in my home.  I am a sinner and I need the reassurance that I too can develop the kind of relationship that she achieved with our Lord.

This Icon was executed using the ancient egg tempera technique. Egg yolks are mixed with water and in some cases white vinegar or white wine to preserve the egg yolk over extended use.

The gold is real gold leaf applied in the water guilding technique.

Mary of Egypt-1-1-1

To learn more about St. Mary of Egypt, visit

God bless you!

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