Refurbishing my garden

I found this flower rack at a liquidation store and purchased two of them for $20.00 per unit. I admit it was in impulsive thing to do but I also thought that I would find a use for them and I couldn’t pass them up for the price.





I dragged them out of the box and found that the gallon pots fit very well into the spaces, (I have quite a few gallon pots leftover from landscaping the yard),  so I decided it would be a great place to plant my bush beans as I have an incredible number of slugs in the area. Last year my beans were eaten by the slugs and my family got very few of them. I don’t like to use pesticides or slug bait and the beer always gets knocked over or perhaps the raccoons drink it?!? This seemed like a viable way to handle the problem. We’ll see. I also hate to weed and this was a way to cut down on the weeding while getting a lot of plants in a very small area.

I like to take full advantage of the spaces that I have to use so I hung the lemon cucumbers up on the pavilion in pots. They like to trail and can take advantage of the chains and cross bars on the structure.

I also have quite a few topiary structures that the peas will be happy to cling to.

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