Refurbishing my garden

Now that all of the old wood and the weeds are gone, the strawberries, asparagus and kale are saved, I can implement the design for the new garden space. Lydia and I with the help of two other people moved the pavilion away from the garage and toward the outer area of the garden. This is where we will set up the cinder blocks.


Garden6This took a little while as the blocks are very heavy. I’m counting on the weight to hold the dirt in place once we start shoveling it in. I have to bring in dirt because I sit on a glacial dump. It’s the only way to get any real gardening done. You can see that I saved the strawberries in some gallon pots that I had laying around. My daughter stuck the pots in the holes of the cinder blocks and that is where they will live until I fill the holes with the dirt.

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