Death, a part of life.

We recently lost someone from one of our parishes and the spouse of that individual asked a friend of mine and I to make them a coffin for his burial. This is the coffin we made. Why do caskets cost so much? Why do coffins cost so much.

The reason they cost an enormous amount of money is that the industry is so regulated and the funeral homes are in charge of the pricing. They would be fools not to charge a lot.

IMG_20160510_174821I don’t see things that way. Burying a loved one is hard enough without spending inordinate amounts of money for the privilege of being put in the ground.  In the Orthodox church the deceased are buried not cremated.

I have decided to build a product that is both beautiful and affordable. If you should find yourself in need of one of these beautiful coffins, give me a holler.

Memory eternal to the loved ones that have passed before us!

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