Advanced Beginner Stained Glass Mosaic


With this project I have chosen to do house numbers with no frame. They will be hanging on my arbor so the lights will bring out the color of the glass. I wanted the numbers to be visible at night. I have designed this glass to go with the vineyard theme of my alfresco dining room (outdoor patio dining).

As an advanced beginner in glass mosaic art you are going to spend more time with your design and your glass cuts will have a little more shape. Note also that I have used tempered glass for this outdoor application. For the grapes I’m using the glass drops that you would normally put in a vase of flowers.

I suggest that you get some cheap clear glass to practice scoring and breaking curves. You will find that stained glass is a little more difficult to cut. Each color and style of glass cuts differently. This is something you will have to experience on your own as I am not there with you.

As with the beginner mosaic project you will need the glass cutter and cutting oil, the glass and your design.


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