Step 5- Coloring and Staining

This project needed extra color for my taste so I painted the tint onto the scrolling with an acrylic wash of color. Make sure that you are using a wash rather than using the acrylic color straight. You want the color to penetrate the leather.

5a-tinting-1 5a-tinting-2

After the tint is completely dry you can stain the leather using leather stain. This should be applied with a wool applicator. I used two different dye colors because I wanted the leather to have a richer color.

5b-staining-1 5b-staining-2 5b-staining-3

The next step in this coloring process for this piece is the bronzing. I wanted a metallic finish on the leather. I have used a glaze formulated for walls. Since I will not be using much of the glaze I will thin it down with water, brush it on then wipe it off leaving a metallic glint in all of the crevices.

5c-bronzing-1 5c-bronzing-2

The final step in the process of coloring the leather is sealing it. I have sealed the leather with a Valspar premium satin finish. This will not only give the leather a beautiful finish but will also water proof the leather.

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