Welcome to Andrea’s Kitchen Studio!


Outdoor Kitchen with Glass Mosaic Wall

As someone who loves beautiful things, I often find myself inspecting art work and fine crafting.  Whether it be fine art, intricate leatherwork or glasswork, or just a recipe, I can often find either a better way to execute said item or if I’ve never experienced the work, I try it.  Not having had expendable cash on hand, I’ve learned to create through trial and error.  In my career I’ve never said no to a project if I had the slightest inkling as to accomplish the task.  Needless to say I’ve done a lot of research, taken numerous classes and experimented with many different techniques, and look forward to sharing what I know with you as reader.  The arts and crafts that I have now become proficient in are ancient ones and I feel the need to continue these traditions with a modern flair.  Cooking is also one of my passions and I love to share my recipes that my friends and church have loved.  Please join me as I continue in my journey for beauty and health.

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